Nigeria: Analysis

Nigeria: Analysis


Nigeria has realized the importance of cultural diplomacy in recent times, and has therefore been creating strategic policies to project its image in an increasingly globalized world through art, music, dance and film. It can be said that culture is playing an increasingly vital role in international relations, and the Nigerian government is investing in the creative industry not only by itself, but also in collaboration with outside partnerships.

Based on culturally diplomatic efforts in Nigeria, it is evident that cultural exchange also gives states a chance to appreciate points of commonality, and where there are differences, to understand the motivations that underline them. The fact that Nigeria has a coherent cultural policy that it consistently refers to, demonstrates how seriously the government takes cultural expression, and to what extent they believe it can positively impact the country’s public image. The government is struggles to make significant investments as they face budget constraints on a federal level, however Nollywood has assisted in improving nation branding and has forged useful trade relations. It must be noted however, that recent instabilities have lead to negotiations about a re-branding campaign rather than purely media campaigns. Nigeria also welcomes global (particularly European) partnerships in the promotion of its culture; by collaborating with research institutes, researchers, NGOs, civil society and other governments

In conclusion, it is clear that promoting the rich diversity of Nigeria’s culture through the implementation of national policies presents excellent prospects for forging a deeper understanding of the country’s people, as well as creating and maintaining bi- as well as multilateral political and economic relations.



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