Ghana: Analysis

Ghana: Analysis


In evaluating the potentials of Ghana as a leading nation for cultural diplomacy in Africa, it can be said that the country’s recent progress is commendable. Apart from having achieved a stable and effective level of democracy, Ghana now has a strong culture of dialogue and global exchange. Governments have played a leading role in exporting the country’s cultural heritage, and judging from the projects and partnerships listed above, it can be said that the country has achieved a high level of worldwide cultural branding.

Given its long-standing tradition of festivals such as PANAFEST, Ghana seems well placed to compete culturally on the continent. It is worth noting however, that the country’s progress must be regarded within a continental context. Rather than competing with other nations, the goal of cultural diplomacy is to foster integration, mutual trust and global interdependence. As one of 54 nations on the African continent, it can be argued that the republic of Ghana’s cultural successes will remain insignificant without an equally well-developed cultural environment.

In the future, Ghana will have the opportunity to move from consolidating its own cultural growth to stimulating inter-cultural growth in the West African sub-region, as well as the continent as a whole. This would invite new challenges through interaction with more diversified groups and different cultural mixes. The role of the state in preserving its own cultural heritage without necessarily compromising on cultural integration with other nations will be a major obstacle to be overcome in the future. However, considering the achievements in years past, as well as the increased enthusiasm amongst other countries to engage with Ghana, it can be predicated that the country’s culturally diplomatic ties will only improve.



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