Zimbabwe: Introduction

Zimbabwe: Introduction

The arts and cultural industries have, over the past few years emerged as one of Zimbabwe’s major sources of foreign investment, employment and as a tool to assert the people’s national identity. They have contributed immensely in attracting tourism and in promoting the country’s image. The government has also enhanced levels of interest by increasing the support given to national cultural institutions such as the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe, the National Gallery of Zimbabwe, the National Library and Documentation Service and National Museums and monuments, to ensure that culture become one of the most important engines of development.

Culture is not only seen as a preservation of Zimbabwe’s successful forays into development of contemporary art and culture, but also as underlining its capacity to excel in this department. A smart partnership between the government and corporate sector must be forged to increase funding levels to the cultural sector. Culture, particularly religion, was one of the unifying factors during the second Chimurenga. The need to revitalize it, both as a unifying factor and for nation building, both locally and abroad cannot be emphasized enough.



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