South Africa: Analysis

South Africa: Analysis


From being a segregated country of conflict, South Africa has made significant changes over the last few decades, which has improved its global image as evidenced by its growing tourism industry. There continues to be great disparities in the socio-economic status of its population, which present challenges to the country’s continuing reconciliation process. Without legalised apartheid, however, the barriers to social cohesion are more porous, making exchange across the many cleavages of society possible. Thus, several of the South African projects presented in this report focus on reconciliation and unification. The Freedom Park Project is an excellent example of such a cultural diplomacy project, which, through the means of art, is aimed at overcoming the tensions of the past through the vehicle of a common South African cultural heritage. Unity through diversity is a common thread that runs through the majority of cultural diplomacy projects in South Africa. Through this and the other projects presented in this report, it also becomes evident that the government of South Africa is showing a high degree of involvement in cultural diplomacy projects.



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