Symposium Agenda

Conference Agenda

The following issues will be addressed and explored:

  • The rise of Corporate Africa

Africa has become the locus of attractive business opportunities. Local governments offer investors favorable conditions for setting up enterprises in the continent. A thriving private sector is key to driving growth in capitalist economies, and thus can be seen to play a vital role in the overall development of Africa

  • Corporate social responsibility and compliance with law

Enterprises may positively influence development via their activities with regards to environment, consumers, employees, communities and stakeholders while simultaneously observing their national and international obligations. The success of enterprises in Africa may bring a direct impact on the development of community in terms of infrastructure and employment.

  • Corporate sustainability in Africa

In order to achieve long-term, sustainable development in a world where fossil fuels are rapidly being depleted, businesses are encouraged to opt for environmentally-friendly strategies when conducting their activities Strategies geared towards decoupling the exploitation of fossil fuels from economic development, in favor of achieving more sustainable development, will be considered.

  • Outlook for the future – supporting young enterpreneurs

There are currently various initiatives in Africa which seek to support young entrepreneurs The ICD recognize the young population of Africa is a vital catalyst in the flourishing of enterprise, bringing their motivation and innovation that will thus fuel the development in the continent.

African Solutions for African Challenges – Human Development

  • Education – a tool in eradicating poverty

By talking about education in an African context, the conference is proposing to explore successful solutions when it comes to improving early childhood development as well as assisting unemployed residents by encouraging the transfer of skills and knowledge throughout their life.

Education is probably one of the biggest factors when it comes to eradicating poverty, improving the quality of life and ensuring human development in Africa. Although educational obstacles are often encountered in African societies, the conference encourages an open dialog on local solutions to challenges, which African communities are facing.

  • Empowering women to boost development

Empowerment of women is another means of boosting development in Africa. There are currently numerous community projects as well as government initiatives aimed at empowering women in the social, political and economic spheres. Some countries already incorporated gender concerns into their national and development plans and poverty reduction strategies.

  • Community Development through Arts, Culture and Sports

Community building and development is an important step in involving the local civil society and this part of the conference will be looking at the role arts, culture and sports play in bridging the nations of the African continent.

  •  Arts as a means of social development

This theme will provide the opportunity to debate and exemplify how arts help promote nation building, community development, social cohesion, economic growth and sustainable livelihoods, at a community level as well as a continental level.

  • Culture projects for community development

The goal is to offer a dialog platform for envisioning community solutions for Africa’s development, such as the involvement of civil society and local efforts of community building, in order to facilitate the entrance of African communities into the market economy.

  • Sports- a strategy for intercultural understanding

The theme also raises awareness on cultural diplomacy, soft-power tools which can propose new strategies for intercultural understanding and dialog within the communities and nations of the African continent.



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