Conference Agenda

Conference Agenda

The Conference will see the assembly of a wide range of leaders from a variety of fields including music, politics, diplomacy, activism, the media, and the private sector, with the aim of promoting dialogue on the issue of West African youth advancement while also directly empowering local communities through outreach programs. The Conference will place particular emphasis on the power of music as a Cultural Diplomacy tool and will feature a variety of performances from local and international artists and musical ensembles, while also inviting participants and local people to take part in musical workshop projects, regardless of musical ability. The Conference will offer participants the opportunity to experience the coming together of young Nigerians and Cameroonians for cooperation, with the long-term aim of establishing and launching joint activity between practitioners from across the African continent.

In addition to the musical aspect, experts from a variety of fields will deliver lectures and partake in panel discussions and interactive discussions in order to express their opinions and ideas on the matters of youth unemployment and education, giving participants the opportunity to witness key diplomatic discussion and conflict resolution. At the end of the Conference, the OYED will collate a report reflecting the views of speakers and participants, which will be used to establish potential initiatives in order to improve the standing of Africa’s young population.



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