The Yaoundé Youth Education & Development Summit

The Yaoundé Youth Education & Development Summit
“The Power of Music in Advancing Youth Development & Intercultural Dialogue”

(Cameroon, Yaoundé; July 27th – August 6th, 2013)


Africa is currently experiencing a population boom, which has proved both beneficial and challenging to the continued development of the countries on the continent. The current population growth in Africa is projected to continue expanding, with no expectations to come to a halt at any time in the near future. As a result, the number of people entering the labor market each year will continue to grow incrementally, and as such, the number of jobs available must also rise.

The conference will bring together a variety of speakers, practitioners, and artists in order to discuss solutions to the difficulties currently facing young Africans. Musicians, diplomats, journalists, activists, and private sector representatives will gather in Yaoundé for a week-long conference in order to discuss and raise awareness of the issues surrounding youth education, employment, and general advancement in west Africa, while specifically focusing on the potential the arts, particularly the power of musical exchange, holds in offering solutions. By using music as a Cultural Diplomacy tool, the conference will bring together young Africans to collaborate and learn more about one another through the power of song, while also empowering local communities by way of constructive workshops, musical performances, and outreach programs.


Based in Yaoundé, the Conference will be hosted at a number of important political, historic, and cultural locations across the city, and will consist of excursions to the country’s top institutions and landmarks. Featured locations during the Symposium will include: the Cameroon government buildings, the Cameroon Art Museum, the Cathédrale Notre Dame des Victoires, the Cameroon National Museum, and the Palais du Sport, in addition to various governmental institutions.


Participation in the Conference is open to musicians, artists, spiritual leaders, human rights activists, mediation specialists, academics, governmental & diplomatic officials, journalists, civil society practitioners, private sector representatives, young professionals, and students as well as other interested individuals from across the world.

If you would like to reserve a position and participate in the Conference, please click here

Conference Speakers

Speakers during the Symposium will include musicians, artists, human rights activists, civil society practitioners, spiritual leaders, leading dignitaries, heads of state, ministers, politicians, diplomats, academics, authors, and journalists, as well as figures and experts from international politics, economics, the cultural sector, diplomacy, conflict resolution, mediation, and private sector representatives from around the world.

The Conference will focus in particular on the following areas:

  • Youth Unemployment in West Africa
  • Improving Accessibility to Education and Educational Standards
  • Music as a Cultural Diplomacy Tool
  • Progress in Millennium Development Goals across the Continent
  • Combating Governmental Inefficiency and Corruption
  • Human Rights Records
  • The Application of Cultural Diplomacy in Promoting Intercultural and Interregional Dialogue

Center for Cultural Diplomacy Studies Publication
Institute for Cultural Diplomacy



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