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International Film Festival in Sierra Leone- Using Art as a Shield

By Ana Lordkipanidze, Institute for Cultural Diplomacy

When a country is in a depression, undoubtedly the first measures to be taken are economic and political ones, but social and cultural solutions should not be neglected. Sierra Leone, a country in Western Africa ended its 11 year long civil war in 2002. The country was/is suffering from many problems after the war, including the highest infant mortality rates in the world. Despite all the problems faced by Sierra Leone, ways are nevertheless found to entertain people, make citizens happier and gather people from all around the world. The International Film Festival in Sierra Leonne (SLIFF) was introduced one year ago and was successfully held again this year in Freetown.  The six day event is very much like the Berlinale Film Festival held annually in Berlin, Germany. SLIFF shows international and national movies followed by discussions involving those who worked on the films. Several international charities and non-political organizations have come together to make this International Film Festival happen, which is a sign for the country that art can bring the international community together and try to establish a new image of the country. The image of an artsy, creative community rather than a community overtired from civil war is conveyed through the Festival. Movies in Freetown have become one of the areas which Sierra Leone is trying to develop in order to move forward from its difficult past.

Image: http://www.weowntv.org/blog/wp-content/uploads/sliff-logo-hi-res-on-black-rgb.jpg

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