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The American corners in Burundi

Ouverture-de-lAmerican-Corner-à-KinindoBy Sophie Ogden, Institute for Cultural Diplomacy

Following the establishment of the Information Resource Library in the American Embassy, two more « American Corners » have opened in Burundi. One, the so-called Rosa Park, opened in the Kamenge campus of the University of Burundi and a week later the American corner of Kinindo was officially inaugurated.

Situated in the heart of the university campus and in the centre of Kinindo, in locations accessible to all youth/young person and teachers, these centres make English books and magazines available. Furthermore they will show American movies and will possibly host American speakers. They serve as a location for English discussion tables, English book clubs and further activities facilitating the English learning process of participants. In addition they will provide free high speed internet connexion with access to English-language and academic libraries from the United States. For the university campus, this is especially important as it will broaden access for English research to students.

At both inaugurations, the American ambassador Mrs Liberi emphasized the importance for Burundi to develop English capacity in the country to inter alia, further become a full-fledged partner in the East African Community. She also stated that the objective is to open more American corners in the upcoming months- one of which will be in the the Gitega Cultural Centre and maybe in other cities.

By opening several American corners, the embassy renders the English language more accessible to learn as opposed to having one big centre. Finally these centres enable deeper cooperation between Burundi and USA.

Picture: The Burundian minister of sport, youth & culture, Mr Adolphe Rukenkanya, and the American Ambassador, Mrs Dawn M Liberi, inaugurating the Kinindo American corner.

Retrieved from: http://www.ganira.com/ouverture-de-lamerican-corner-a-kinindo-les-usa-preoccupes-par-la-nouvelle-loi-sur-la-presse/


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