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Nigeria’s unschooled children

By Diana Ruiz, Institute for Cultural Diplomacy

According to the latest figures published by UNESCO, Nigeria holds the world record for unschooled children, with approximately 10.5 million children in the country not receiving an education. The statistics reveal that fifty-seven million children in the world were out of school in 2011, and although the number has dropped by a couple of million since then, it remains consistently high. More specifically for this African country, high levels of corruption at all government levels could certainly have worsened the situation.

Children from low-income households in remote areas, children affected by conflict or those who belong to either ethnic or linguistic minorities find access to education particularly difficult. In addition to these disadvantages, pervasive gender inequalities make the issue of inadequate education particularly urgent for young girls.

One of the main sources of support for Nigeria’s education system is foreign aid. Six members of the group of education donors, including Canada, the Netherlands and organizations such as the World Bank, have cut aid spending due to the crisis, leaving the United Kingdom as the largest bilateral donor.

This lack of economic support for the education system resulting in Nigerian children remaining unschooled is not the only concern; it is also necessary to make sure that the quality of education they are receiving is adequate and consequently it is important to employ qualified teaching staff. Educating the younger generations properly is essential for effective development of society, as they will be the ones shaping the future of Nigeria.

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Picture: http://www.filmproposals.com/images/children-need-peace-independent-film-21242839.jpg

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