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Renewable Energies: Participating in Landscape Changes- Symposium on Cultural Diplomacy & Human Rights

Imagen 6By Cristina Pestrea, Institute for Cultural Diplomacy.

During the second day of the International Symposium on Cultural Diplomacy and Human Rights: “Towards a Global Human Rights Culture: The Need for a Collective Alliance in the Protection & Promotion of Human Rights” organized by the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy in Berlin, Dr. Inge Gotzmann, PhD in Biology and Conservation Development of Cultural Landscapes, spoke about the concept of ‘cultural landscapes”. Throughout his lecture, Dr. Gotzmann pointed out not only the different factors that influence the evolution and creation of cultural landscapes, but also the importance that these kinds of landscapes have for the promotion of a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. He also indicated some of the threats posed to cultural landscapes, such as the practices of intensive agriculture, deforestation and contamination.

As a possible solutions to these threats, Dr. Inge Gotzmann examined the use of renewable energy, saying that it is an interesting method of reducing contamination but is perhaps not the best answer when it comes to the protection and conservation of cultural landscapes as it changes the aesthetic form of a cultural landscape. At a European level, Dr. Gotzmann said that extensive possibilities exist in the area of developing solar energies than can be shared and transported from South-European countries to North-European countries.

He emphasized the necessity of analyzing how people and societies can participate in the conservation of cultural landscapes through the use of “new” forms of energy, and understanding how people react to the use of renewable energy. Dr. Gotzmann continued to say that societies must learn how to use renewable energy sources through a learning process including civic participation not only at a practical level but also at an emotional level.

During the Questions and Answers session, a range of topics were further developed. One question raised was how the international community can attempt to balance industrial and economic development with sustainable development. Dr. Gotzmann answered by discussing the importance of changing people’s mindsets as a way to create awareness and encourage deeper thought about lifestyle habits and the way societies and individuals produce and consume energy.

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