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Why Has the Westphalia State Failed to Function Effectively in Africa

By Ndey Haddy Jeng – Participant, Cultural Diplomacy in Africa – A Forum for
Young Leaders – Institute For Cultural Diplomacy (ICD)
Berlin, 23rd – 28th July 2012

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Image source here

The paper submitted by Ndey Haddy Jeng during the Cultural Diplomacy in Africa – A Forum for
Young Leaders Conference, is focused on giving explanations for the failure of Westphalia state system to
function effectively in Africa. In the first part, the author makes an analysis of the pre-colonial political institutions with a close emphasis or their nature and structure and we realize  that these institutions impact very much the functioning of post colonial states in Africa. In the second part, key concepts like sovereignty, legitimacy, self determination areexamined and it is discussed that conceptual changes in civil regimes contribute to the weakness of these states. Beyond this, is the economical and institutional realm, under which it is shown how poor institutions of the state result to the inability to curb corruption, neo-patrimonialism and local-capture which all Challenges that affects the effective function of African states and the ability to provide public goods like education, health, security .e.t.c .

To read the integral text please visit here

Center for Cultural Diplomacy Studies Publication
Institute for Cultural Diplomacy


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