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Diaspora’s Contribution to the Developmental Process of the Homeland: the Case Study of the Eritrean Community in Switzerland

By Meala Tesfamichael (participant’s paper), Institute for Cultural Diplomacy. 


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During the post-colonial era, many countries, especially in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), had to face war and conflict, genocide, political instability and economic disasters. The consequences are reflected by an important and increasing amount of migration not only to neighbouring countries but also from the so-called ‘Global South’ to the ‘Global North’.

There are many controversies on the impact of migration on destination and source countries in the era of globalisation, while some focuses on negative aspects, there are others who have assess the benefits to the host and especially home country. This, however, has not received much attention among social scientists. Indeed, most studies around migration focus on the impact on destination countries rather than the home country. The homeland is often forgotten on how immigration has certain effects which could be positive and also negative.

The role of migrant communities is increasingly connected and thanks to the ease to communicate and travel, transnational networks are facilitated. Their contribution to the developmental process has to be taken into consideration especially in respect to nation-building and reconstruction.

The role of the Diaspora is often minimized due to the mainstream and popularity of international institutions or non-governmental organizations (NGOs). There are very few researches on diaspora specifically the Eritrean community in Switzerland; this paper is an attempt to contribute to the body of knowledge which already exists on migrant community. Situated at the Horn of Africa, Eritrea and its people belong to the newest African country. Its long history of invasions and colonisation, wars and finally independence are essential in understanding the current role the Eritrean Diaspora, which, as a transnational actor participates in the political and social life and contributes to the economy of their home country.

To read the participant’s paper: please click here

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Institute for Cultural Diplomacy


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