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The European African Alliance Conference 2013 (April 17- 19, 2013)

eaac-2013-200Due to economic, historical and political reasons, the European and African continents are strongly interdependent. The connections linking the two have considerably changed over time and still vary depending on the parts of the continents. Acknowledging this unique relationship, the ICD launched its second edition of “The European African Alliance Conference”. This intensive and informative conference is currently taking place at the political epicentre of Europe, namely Brussels. Brussels is a unique international city where different cultures meet, but which, at the same time, maintains its true “Brusselaar” atmosphere. Discovering and understanding Brussels may be quite a challenge, yet all the European political institutions are there (and maybe for a reason).

This year, the European African Alliance Conference is focused on “Enhancing Inter-cultural Dialogue between Europe and Africa”. The conference aims to tackle various issues encountered by countries of both continents. First, it presents new opportunities to promote and develop cooperation in the fields of culture, youth, education, women empowerment, and peace and security. The role of culture as a tool for foreign policy is discussed at great length, and successful examples of exchange in the areas of economics, politics and culture are also shown. Second, the conference sheds light on the economic situation of both continents and explores the notions of “Corporate Social Responsibility” and “Corporate Sustainability”. The conference also emphasizes the need for exchanging expertise and developing young entrepreneurship to maintain economic and political stability. Lastly, Cultural Diplomacy, as practiced between Europe and Africa, is examined with concrete examples.

Some prominent speakers in attendance include: H.E. Amb. Felix E. Awanbo (Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to Belgium); H.E. Amb. Félix Ndayisenga (Ambassador of Burundi to the EU); Mr. Jean-Arthur M. Régibeau (Director of Multilateral Affairs at the Federal Public Service of Foreign Affairs); and Dragan Tilev (Minister Counsellor at the Mission of the Republic of Macedonia to the EU).

The European African Alliance Conference allows us to discover new prospects for cooperation in different fields, as well as new initiatives that can be undertaken independently by the countries. The ICD firmly believes that Cultural Diplomacy is the most effective means of strengthening and maintaining inter-cultural relations at the national, regional, and international levels.

For more pictures of the event, please visit here


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